China Doll

Welcome to my kinky Asian Massage Parlor where the customer always cums first. I’m the owner and head whore here, though I am very young. I will bring you into my chamber, bathe every part of you, and give you very good massage and Happy Ending. If you are very kind and generous man, I may give you more.

I am very petite Chinese girl with very small holes. I love American men with big cock. Sometimes men like to use me. Other times I am in control. I am a master of erotic hypnosis and edging. I like to make cock very purple with need and give much pre-cum before I allow him release.

My parlor has only the best, young, tight girls. I like to kidnap them or buy them cheap. No one miss young Chinese girls. They are like trash to their parents who wish for a boy child. Maybe you will help me train my new girls. They are young virgins, very beautiful, no diseased pussy. I break them and make them into obedient little Fuck toys.

If you love Asian girls, I will please you much. My English is not perfect but my skills are well honed. I have very soft, young voice and a special giggle and moan, just for you. Sometimes, I must search for the word I need and you may help me. But when it comes to fucking, it is a Universal language. My body and yours have same needs. Let my voice mesmerize you while my hands caress you. We will find that special place where each of us finds pleasure and release.

I love all kinds of play and have none of the limits and taboos that many American women do. Whether you want control or need to be controlled is up to you. I also have special punishment for faggot sissy boys. You will be trained like one of my girls. Are you ready for Asian pussy? Please make appointment for my special treatment where men are treated like kings or like trash. You decide which one.

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