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I Have Cuties To Train

fantasy phone sexHey baby. It is a big week at the parlor this week, with it being Valentine’s Day and all. See, I just got an entire delivery of new meat. Young, tight, bald cuties for your entertainment. They are so young, soft, tight, unknowledgeable, and untouched. Their holes intact and innocent. I need to fix that. They are so young that I have no doubt they will be tight for years, but my clientele doesn’t like screaming and crying and writhing in pain. But you? You look like you might want to help me. A little screaming and crying kind of gets your cock going, doesn’t it? The look of terror on their faces as you rip off their clothes are force yourself inside them makes your cock twitch and leak. You will be perfect and your big thick cock inside them will definitely make my pussy drip as I watch you stretch them. By stretch I mean both holes need to be worked over and I can’t wait baby. I even have my strap on to help you, because you know, this isn’t a one-time fuck, we got to train them for hours baby. I will be waiting for you love.

Cum Play With Me

fantasy phone sexGood morning baby. Workweek started too soon, didn’t it? You weren’t quite ready. You are still horny and not done partying yet. I have just the solution to your problem. Call in late and play with me. Better yet just call in totally. I mean this sweet little Asian hottie wants nothing more than to give your cock the attention it deserves. Come into my massage room, I have been waiting. I will undress you and massage all those stresses away. Rubbing your back, chest, arms, and legs and well ……. I think something else might need rubbed too. Rolling you over so your cock stands at attention. Spitting on the head as I start to stroke you. My now naked body in full view. My tiny perky tits and beautiful heart shaped ass all for you. My perfect pussy begging for your attention. I put my little mouth around your cock and blow you. Taking you so deep you can’t even fathom how it is possible. Rubbing your balls and fingering your tight ass as I suck you off. You fill my throat with your warm cum and I swallow it. But you want more don’t you? Let me suck you hard again and then you can do whatever you want to me babe.

I Slid Down Your Cock

fantasy phone sexHappy New Year baby, did you bring it in right? I sure did. I opened the parlor for some after hours fun. You know the kind, with a high price entry fee for a night of no taboo delights. Brought my best girls. The real real slutty kind. Some pros and some newbies. Soft, tiny, and tight. Never been touched but eager to pop their cherry. Those will cost you, but you don’t care. You are a pervert and the thought of young, soft, Asian girls with tiny tits and naturally bald twats is your soft spot. I took in so much money that night that I had to make myself available too. I don’t mind though; I love horny men with raging hard-ons. My tight bald pussy and sweet ass was ready for you. I walked into the room and there you lay on my massage table. Your cock sticking straight up. I didn’t even bother with the massage. I poured oil on top of it and stroked you and then climbed on the table and lowered myself onto your thick long dick and took you for a New Years rife baby. I think we should do it again.

A Father/Son Creampie

fantasy phone sexIt is winter break and my boyfriend invited me to his parent’s house for a Christmas party. This was the first time meeting them and the dad was hot and also very familiar. See he is a paying client of mine. Like a good client. A weekly client, sometimes multiple times. I think he was afraid I would say something, and he nervously nodded at me. I smiled back with no indication of what I would do next. The son was nice, but the dad was a hot ass fuck, and I could think of nothing hotter than to fuck him in his own house while his wife and son, my boyfriend, slept. The party was winding down and the guests were leaving. His wife went upstairs to bed and my boyfriend stumbled into our room and passed out.

I went down to his study and waited. As expected, he walked in and flipped on the lights. There I sat in his expensive chair with nothing on. He tried to resist but I wasn’t about to let that happen. He can’t say no to me. I pushed him back in the chair and worshiped his cock. It seemed harder and bigger in his house. He stopped short of cumming in my mouth and pushed me back on his desk. He spread my legs and fucked me, like really fucked me. His hands around my throat and he pounded my wet cunt. I moaned loudly, only muffled by his hand. I came all over his cock and he filled my pussy up. I then kissed him and told him I would see him at breakfast. Now to wake up my boyfriend so I can have a father/son creampie.

Use Me

fantasy phone sexIf you could do anything you wanted to me, what would you do? If I were your submissive slut for the day, how would you use me? Would you take your time? Would you have your way with me violently? Would you rip my clothes off and ram your cock inside of me? Or would you slowly use me. Tasting my warm mouth with your tongue and slowly kissing down my chest. Licking my perky little tits before you bite my nipples. Kissing and licking my hip bones and then teasing me with your tongue up and down my slit? Sucking on my clit as I arch my back and moan. Feeling me cum on your face before sliding your dick inside of my slick pussy and fucking my tight hole. Or would you jack hammer your dick deep inside my throat. Listen to me gag and choke and watching my eyes water as I struggle to breath. Would you put your hands around my throat and squeeze, feeling my body contract and shake? My eyes big and my face scared. Would you turn me on my stomach and devour my tight little rosebud? Which would you do to me babe?

I Please You Tonight

fantasy phhone sexYou came in for a massage, but I know what you really want. I take you back to the room and hand you a robe. As you walk out the lights are low, candles lit and soft music. You lay on the table, and I cover your bottom with a sheet. I drip hot oil on your back and you feel it trickle down your spine. My tiny soft hands rub your back. Starting with your shoulders and working my way to your lower back. I remove the sheet and my hands move to your ass. I rub and massage your ass and then gently move your legs apart, working on your inner thighs. I gently graze your balls with my fingers, and I can fill how full they are. I squeeze them and bend over and whisper into your ear you need a happy ending? You are choked up as I squeeze them harder. You whisper yes. I smile as I drop my robe and roll you over. Your cock sticks straight up. I continue to jerky jerky you and as the pre-cum starts to flow I put your balls in my mouth and suck on them. Now babe what would you like to do first? My pretty mouth? My tight bald pussy or my sweet heart shaped ass?

Need A Happy Ending?

fantasy phone sexOh, baby you looked stressed. You know that I can give you exactly what you need to feel relaxed. A nice massage? You know the kind with the happy ending? Maybe you need more? A trip around the world, with me, your obedient Asian slut. Let me start by taking you into my massage room, stripping you down and putting you chest first on the table. I put the warm oil across your back and start rubbing you. Working my tiny hands deep into your tight muscles. Then I go farther.

My hands still covered with warm oil I start to massage your ass, and then your thighs, then your inner thighs and finally my little hand cups your balls and gently squeezes. Oh baby, you are so tight, you need a release. I turn you over. Your cock is sticking straight up. I pull out the oil and let it glide down your mushroom head. I wrap my hands around it and start jerky jerkying you. You love that. I let me robe drop, showing you my naked body. Your cock is rock hard and leaking now. I put my soft tongue across the head and lick it off. I push my finger inside your tight asshole as I open my mouth wide and take your cock deep.

Did You Miss Me?

fantasy phone sexHey baby, I missed you this weekend, but I know you had to stay home with your boring wife and family. So, I was waiting for you first thing this morning and you did not disappoint. Your wife is a prude and has never given you the kind of happy ending that I can give you. The eagerness and submissiveness that I offer you. You were here before we opened but I was waiting. Waiting for you in only thigh highs and heels. My sweet bald pussy and perky little tits ready for you.

You grabbed my hand and took me into a deep kiss and practically ran back to the room. I undressed you and lowered the table for you to sit. Then I got on my knees and looked up at you. Biting my lip in anticipation of you. I started rubbing your dick as I licked and sucked your balls. So full and so thick they were, full of your delicious warm salty cum. I spit on the top of your big mushroom head and then took you deep in my mouth and blew you. Sucking deep as I swirled my tongue around your cock, feeling you twitch and harden as you squirted your streams in my mouth. I swallowed like the slut I am and started sucking you again. What would you like to do with me next babe?

You Arrived Late

fantasy phone sexYou showed up late. Way past closing time and continued to ring the bell. Frustrated I came to tell you to shut the hell up. Surprisingly, you were a hot ass dude that was high as fuck and wanting jerky jerky time, with a happy ending. You threw your black card at me and told me to run whatever it cost. I like clients like you and although you were going to have a ball draining happy ending, my bank account was going to be happily full. Come on in babe and follow me back to my room. I handed you a robe, but you wanted no part of that. You stripped naked and hopped on the table.

As I was taking off my panties, I noticed your monster cock. Even semi-erect it was massive. I stretched my throat as I removed the rest of my clothes. Now sit back babe and enjoy yourself. I laid you on your back and sucked on your balls, thighs, and cock until it was wet. Then I deep throated you and held it. Your cock twitched and leaked in my mouth. That warm salty taste makes my pussy so wet, and I decided that we were both going to have a happy ending. I climbed on top of the table and slid my tight wet cunt down your rock-hard shaft and fucked you until your balls were completely drained. I licked you clean, handed you your clothes and told you to come back anytime. Then I checked my account balance and smiled.

I See You Staring

fantasy phone sexHey baby, you have deep dark fetish for Asian pussy and ass? I see you staring at me during the church service, and I like it. I decide to have some fun with you. I go to the restroom and remove my panties and then I walk beside you, dropping my pamphlet and bending over. You of course look but you get more than you are expecting. A full close up of my sweet ass and juicy bald cunt. I stay bended and look over my shoulder at you and smile. You start to fidget as I spread my legs a little more, struggling to pick up the paper. Then I rise and I can see you are rising also. I smile and nod towards the back.

I exit the door into the group room and wait. I have no doubt you will be joining me. I lay on the couch with one leg over the top and the other on the floor. Wide open and ready for fun. The air hitting my clit is nice and I start to stroke my pussy. As I enter my finger inside my tight hole the door opens, and you appear. I remove my finger and stick it in my mouth, tasting all my juices. You walk towards me, unbuckling your pants. What would you do to me next babe?

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