Foot Fetish

Last night I bought these cute little gold heels in hopes that I would get some much needed foot worship. Don’t you think they are just adorable? Wouldn’t you want to lick these sexy, well pedicured feet working your way down to my sweet toes only to take them each, one at a time in between your lips and gently suck on them?

I adore a man that is sophisticated enough to appreciate the sensuality of the foot. It is extra exciting when we are at a restaurant and a man slips under the table and licks and sucks my feet in public. Or in a dark theater and he gets on his knees and worships my feet. But the one thing that drives me absolutely wild is to have a man go shopping with me for shoes, for him to help me find the prefect pair or two or three or…I love it when he pushes the salesman out of the way and slides my shoes on and off caressing my feet and leaning over to sneak in a nibble or a lick.

Do you love to adore a woman’s feet? Does the sight of my beautiful feet make your cock rock hard? It takes a very intellectual man to appreciate all the time and effort it takes to keep a perfect pedicure and to pick out the perfect shoes to enhance the beauty of my feet. Maybe one day you can join me for a day of shopping for some special shoes.

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