Stroke Grannies Fire

Well it’s that time of the year again. My fireplace needs to be cleaned and checked. I love a warm fire on a cold day! So I called my normal service. But they didn’t send out the normal man. They sent out a new boy. So young and handsome. Wide broad shoulders. And a deep voice. He looked so handsome cleaning out the fire place. But did get very dirty. I asked him as I was peeling out of my clothes if he wanted to join me in a bath. When he saw these beautiful tits of mine he was ready and EAGER. I got the joy of scrubbing him from head to toe. Cleaning every inch. And then I made sure with my mouth. I sucked that boys dick so hard he shot all over me. But he made it up to me. He cleaned me off with soap and then pulled me out of the shower and carried me to bed! Then fucked me like this granny needed! Mmmm Love the new service!

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