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Incest Phone Sex

Incest Phone Sex Once upon a time, there was a princess. She lived in a castle and she was spoiled rotten! She was still a sweet princess but always used to getting her way. But the princess was getting older, she knew that she had to marry a prince before she started her first period, she had her darling grandma make sure to help with that. She had to be prepped first. We had to have her do lots of training on being a whore and being a fucking piece of meat. She had to learn how to cook, how to do all the things a wife should know. She learned how to dress in the bedroom, and how to dress for each and every activity. The princess learned how to suck cock, and was taught to do it every single day of her life! She was not whiny for this training either, she was ready to become a true princess.

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Cum Slut Phone SexWinter is officially here! It’s so cold, we already have had a snow day. We were locked inside because of all the snow. Nowhere to go, nothing to do but be with each other. Granny has some things planned for a day like today. Twister naked, baking cookies and getting so messy they need a bath and then my favorite past time – fucking those little brat’s holes. They know that they have to make me happy and they know that if they make me really proud I will have surprises waiting for them once they are all used up. Grandma wants to make sure these little brats don’t squirm around too much this time so I have them tied up ready to be fucked. They always move around because ‘it hurts’ but I don’t care. I am always going to take what I want like it or not. There’s nowhere for them to go anyway they’re all snowed in! My favorite.

Guided Masturbation

Guided masturbationSomething all my grandbrats come to me for is some Guided masturbation. They know I will coax them right through each step of cumming harder than ever. I am the one that makes the whole family cream with my help. Usually, it’s the boys that want it the most, those horny little freaks can’t help themselves. They push their cock into their hands, wishing it was a tight little pussy to fuck. I guide them as they stroke, making sure they use their other hand to rub those perky full balls. He is so young, moaning and excited to get his nut. I love seeing that growing, rock hard cock. It is smooth and perfect for a boy his age. I am getting wet myself as I urged him to rub his head more, to stroke the head like it is a tight little pussy pulling on his cock. “Are you ready to cum?” He whines and I know that he is ready to blow the biggest load as I watch and egg him on. He blows a thick fat load that goes everywhere, showing how turned on he really was, and allowing me to cum too.

Naked teen pictures

Naked teen pictures“I don’t mean to be blunt, but I was just trying to find some Naked teen pictures and you seemed like the P Granny I should first go to.” He finished his sentence as calmly as he had started it. He knew exactly what he wanted, and lucky for him he found the right place to look. “Mmm what age do you prefer?” I asked him curiously. He started to name a few of the ages he liked best and what he liked his ideal little tramp to look like. I started rubbing my pussy as he talked about these young little ones. He loves those really young brats, and I couldn’t agree more. That prime age, that they are still young and innocent enough but curiously eager to please all at the same time. I told him that I, of course, had these pictures he sought, I sent them over and as he looked through them we talked and got off together with the pictures and the fantasy of fucking her tight little holes together.

Incest Phone Sex

Incest Phone SexNow that I know for certain, my daughter has a belly of growing seed I can start preparing! Not only that but the fact that she is having two that means double the fun, double the trouble and double the orgasms. I have started setting everything up, even though I am yet to know if they are boys or girls or a boy and a girl! The possibilities are endless and as you all know good and well my nasty mind is putting two and two together too. I think these will be my last grand brats until my grand brats start having their very own little ones. I plan to raise them all right. They will be raised in the same way as the rest of them but there will be more involvement in grooming these fuckable holes to be obedient and compliant. I am going to get matching everything so I can make sure they are equal in every way. Soon though, we will be able to tell which one of them is more sexual than the other. It’s always like that in families and I am excited to sink my teeth into the horniest little one I can find!

Gilf Phone Sex

Gilf Phone SexOh my goodness! I cannot fit into words how excited I am! I bet you can’t guess what has me so thrilled! Today my daughter dropped off her four little ones for me to watch and take care of she had big news for me! “Momma, I have something to tell you.” My daughter sounded a little nervous to tell me which only puzzled me. “I’m pregnant! And not just that.” Her voice almost in a whisper trail off and I urge her to continue. “I’m having twin little ones!” She finally yelled out. The anticipation was killing me, waiting for her to tell me what it was she was having. I already knew my daughter was full of seed, that is part of being a Mother. You just know! But something I did not know nor was I ever able to experience before was this talk of twin little ones! I knew they ran in the family but never was I lucky enough to have double trouble to play with, in more ways imaginable! I can’t wait.

Young Bald Pussy

Young bald pussyI’m getting old. I am a grandma, and as all granny’s look at my age well we aren’t in our prime anymore. Things are saggy, gravity is working. There’s wrinkles and aches and pains. Your pussy isn’t the Young bald pussy it once was, but that doesn’t stop you from doing everything you can to get some of it. I remember those days, just like it was yesterday. The thought of what a horny little freak I was Already at that age really gets me going. I have lots and lots of family members with these bald little cunnys. They are young as can be, with the perfect smooth peach that just wants a kiss. Maybe a nibble, a little rub, a little bit of a finger and maybe the head just a little nub. The innocence is all the more appealing, the fresh pure perfection of this perfect pussy cat. Who do I want to have next? There are so many ages to choose from, but they all have what I need.

Gilf Phone Sex

Gilf Phone Sex“I’ve always wanted a grandma like you! Can we do some nasty Gilf Phone Sex?” he was very excited to be talking to me, and it gave me my own kind of excitement too. “Absolutely it would be my pleasure to fulfill whatever fantasies you may have about me, grandson.” He shuddered when I called him grandson, and I knew I was already pushing his buttons. “My Grandma always used to make me cookies, take me out to her backyard to the pool, give me massages and baths when I got really dirty. I know she never thought anything about it but I couldn’t ever stop. I became obsessed with the thought of my Grandma doing dirty things with me. She was naked around me often enough when I was younger and wore very revealing clothing around me all the time anyway. Not to mention her skinny dipping.” His voice trailed off and his breathing got heavy and I could tell that he was stroking it. “Shh shh, granny has been thinking the same thing, she is going to show you exactly what she’s been thinking about.”

Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

Forced Intoxication Phone SexThese little brats all wanted to stay up on New Year’s Eve, and I couldn’t blame them. They wanted to be all grown and big. I figured it would be the perfect time to test the little one’s tolerance and see what fun I could have. I made sure they were all relaxing before I started bringing them into the kitchen one by one for Forced Intoxication Phone Sex. I made them drink and drink until they puked. They were stumbling around some of the useless, some of them very horny and looking for a good time. And some of them passed out ready to be fucked while they sleep. It’s not like they’ll even know anyway. I had my fun with them each, fingering those helpless tiny cunts, making some of the older ones have intense orgasms, and topping it all off with some forced anal for the useless and passed out ones. They couldn’t sleep through being fucked in those tiny little holes, they’re still pretty young after all! I just made them drink more of my special drink.

Granny’s Rape phone sex fantasies

Rape phone sex fantasies“You, oh yes you little one! You will be the chosen one today to fulfill all my Rape phone sex fantasies.” I cooed into her little face, she can’t comprehend what I’m saying though. She’s too young and fresh! Granny always gets the little brats pawned off to me from their parents that clearly have better things to do. But no complaints here, I couldn’t be living my retirement dreams any more than I already am! I set her up with a sleepy lollipop, she will be in too much pain and agony at first for me to just have her fucked while awake. She will wake up eventually with a real fat cock stuffed inside of her and making her split in two. She is gonna get a big fat dick going into her little cunny and all she will be doing is squirming around screaming and struggling to get free. Once she wakes up. Silly girl, you’re too little and you’re our sex slave, my ultimate rape fantasy granddaughter.