Earn for Mommy!

My little ones have been really busy today! With all the holidays coming up I have really been worrying about bills. AND on top of that my dealer had one hell of a sale. And that never happens! But he needed cash fast so he offered me a bundle that saved me a ton! I couldn’t pass it up. So I had to make some fast cash! I called all my “sugar Daddies” Told them the “little ones” needed some special attention. And I needed some extra cash for my extra effort in getting them ready! And that was all it takes. I got the little ones dress. Special new stockings with designs on them. Crotch-less panties. Tiny little open bra’s showing off their tiny nipples. And then a reward. The one who brought mommy the most money gets a special surprise. I am so proud of my fuck toys! They were working so hard! Begging for that cock! Offering up their little ass’s and puss like real pro’s. I made twice as much as a normally do for them! That means we were all winners. LOL

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