Staying Late

I stayed late at work the other night to work on some reports my boss told me he wanted on his desk by morning. Everyone else in the office had already left for the day so I was totally alone. I was just sitting there working and minding my own business when three men walked in. They were dressed nicely and I thought they were businessmen and didn’t really think much of them being here. They approached me and asked where my boss was. I told them that he had already gone home for day and asked if there was anything that I could help them with. They told me I would have to do since my boss was already gone. I didn’t really know what they meant by that but I quickly found out. They just attacked me and tied me up. I began to whimper and ask what they were doing. They explained to me that my boss was supposed to have been there that night to repay them money he had borrowed. They said since he decided to be a coward that I was going to even the score. They brutally violated me. They savagely took turns using me. When they were finally done they left me sitting there all tied up. I stayed that way until morning when everyone started coming into work. I was so ashamed that everyone saw me all tied up and used that I cried. I know one thing, I owe my boss…

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