Lambs to the Slaughter!

Once a month my friends and I get together and have a surprise party. The big surprise of the night is to see what kind of special little treat were going to have. Of course the parties have gotten so big, certain of us are expected to bring our own little party favors. To each their own. Some people bring food some bring alcohol, I of course bring additional entertainment. And I really outdid myself this time. I found not one but two little lambs.. Twins actually. They were very difficult to snatch two at the same time. Especially from overprotective parents. But I’m very proud of myself. I was able to take them at the fair. So many people around. They didn’t have a chance. Of course I had to have a little fun before the party. I made one watch as I stripped the other. stripped her little naked body down. Rubbed lotion all over her. I have to admit it was so much more exciting with her sister watching. I was able to finger her tight little pussy. Stretch out her tight little ass hole. And then I made thing one watch as I did the same thing to thing two. By the time I got to the party, I was so fucking turned on. I threw my party favors in the middle of the room. And announced let the games begin. I loved watching all the guys fight over their holes. Seeing each one of them take a cock down the throat, up their ass and inside their pussy at the same time. It was super hot. I was just waiting until all the party favors were used up. So that we could start the real games, the torture. I’m going to slaughter those little lambs. But first I get to enjoy the show.

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