Spring Break Fun

The best part of being at the beach during spring break is the fact that no one knows that my bikini bottoms are not wet from swimming but from all the cum draining from my pussy while watching all the fucking hot ass guys and girls on the beach that have suits that barely cover their bodies.
I love wading into the water and fingering my pussy while I watch them play Frisbee, running back and forth, tits barley contained and on the verge of escaping, cocks bouncing up and down, making me want to suck and lick them all.
I have cum more times in one day masturbating in public and no one is aware of what I am doing. It is intoxicating!
I have found that if I wait til later in the afternoon, giving them time to get tipsy and then open my cooler, which is more like a portable bar, I can start mingling and offering beverages to push them over the edge and I end up with a pussy full of cock by the end of the night.
So far it has worked every night and I can’t think of anything more perfect then masturbating all day while watching them to end my night with young, hard cock!
I love spring break!

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