Showing Off

So I think you have probably noticed by now if you read my blogs that I love to be in the water. I love to swim. I have a pool in my backyard that I am often in. I pretty much always swim naked when I am by myself. I was laying at by my pool this afternoon when I happened to notice that my dirty little neighbor was looking over the fence at me. I love when people watch me. I know they are looking because of how sexy I am. I decided to give my naughty neighbor a show to stroke that tiny little cock of his to. I got in the water and started to play around and get my beautiful body all wet. I then leaned up on the steps to the pool and spread my legs wide so he could have a good view at my gorgeous, wet pussy. He was the one making it wet even though he didn’t realize it. I reached down and started to finger myself with a quickness. I made myself cum right there in my pool while my neighbor watched. I know he came too because I heard him cum. If he was trying to be quiet he failed!

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