Hole In One

I have never gone golfing before, but when he asked me if I would join him I said yes. My sweet honey pot got all juicy when I thought of him behind me, his cock pressed into my round ass, his arms around me brushing my hard nipples as he helped me learn to grip the club and hit the ball. I was excited about going for sure and as I surveyed my image in the mirror in a tight, short, plaid skirt with a low cut tank top, I had to admit I looked mouth watering. He was right on time and we hit the green. It was an 18 hole course but I was only worried about the three holes I have. By the time we got half way through the golf course I just knew that my pussy juice would be dripping down the inside of my legs. Each time he pushed up against my ass I could feel his hard cock and it was huge! I couldn’t concentrate on anything but sucking the skin off of it making it so hard his toes would curl. I wanted to feel it nestled in between my lovely soft tits while he pinched my nipples and fucked my tits as hard as he could. I claimed a head ache from the heat and offered to cook him dinner as a consolation for not completing the course. I wanted to take him home and fill his stomach before emptying his balls. I wanted him to get a hole in one, this one, and that is just what I did!

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