Slutty Secret Santa!

Bisexual Phone Sex

At my school we did a Secret Santa gift exchange where we all got dirty sexy gifts! I was so excited to open my gift , when I ripped the paper off I saw that I received a new Big Black Thunder Cock Dildo! The gift was from my roommate Quinn and coincidentally I got her in the Secret Santa exchange, I decided on a practical gift, I got her a Satisfier Pro. An amazing clit sucking toy that could put the average lesbian tongue to shame. After the exchange and some drinks we headed back to our room, so excited about our new toys. I was having a particularly horny day where I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking, my little pussy was sopping wet just lying on the bed. Quinn came back into our room after her shower and I jumped on her, using her new toy to play with her clit and make her my little slut. We spent hours trying out our new toys on each other, she made me squirt with my new dildo and I really felt the spirit of Christmas!

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