Ranch Hand Fuck

A sweetheart from the country knows how to take a ranch hands cock. Hard labor and no play makes a man weary. I always bring the sweet Iced tea and a little tight pussy to make sure they get through the day. There’s no limit on how many times I will service one of these nice wide cocks during a typical day. Sometimes I pick and choose one man who I think needs an extra helping of southern cunt to unload in. Or there are times I will take two or three of these sexy sweet men in my little ight glove of love. Mostly I just give out free blow jobs to those hard workers after a long day of tending to the herd and fields. Then these are the times when my reputation as a whore proceeds me, and the weekend comes. Then I get a helping of three or more hard throbbing cocks at a time! I have to say being spit roasted and fucked seven ways upside down, before dawn is one of the best experiences. Some may call me a nymphomaniac, but all call me a fun time at the end of a cum session!

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