Shopping Day

I went shopping today, I didn’t really have anything in particular that I was looking for, I was just shopping to shop when I came across the most delicious looking piece of beefcake I have ever seen. He was the salesman in a mattress store so you know I suddenly decided I needed a new bed. He was even hotter up close and I could barely contain myself from ripping his clothes off but somehow I managed to keep it together. He was flirting with me hard core so I asked if he would be the one delivering my new bed and he winked and told me he would make sure he was, god just hearing that made my dick hard! I wasn’t even sure if he knew I was a shemale or not so I was a little nervous but as soon as he got my bed all set up he got on his knees in front of me and asked me to pull it out so I was worried for nothing! I laid back on my new bed and stroked it for him until he couldn’t take it anymore, he flipped me right over and fucked the shit out of me! I wish this is how shopping day ended every time!

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