He Got Me So Fucked Up!


OMG! Last night I partied my slutty little ASS off!! It was so much fun, at least as much as I can remember! I went out with some friends and we ended up at some party. This one guy was hitting on me all night and I could tell he would give me anything just for a taste of my sweet pink pussy lips, haha. So, when I saw he had a nice little baggie of white powder, I told him to spread a few lines out on this beautiful round ass in front of me. The slut let me take a few bumps and the next think I knew my tongue was all over her hot little slit, pussy juices just dripping down my chin. After that I couldn’t say no to all the powder and pills that were offered to me. Everyone wanted to get my tight little teen body out of my clothes and these drugs were the best way to do it..and boy did it work! I spent the rest of the night taking big fat cocks in all my little holes..sucking every cock that came anywhere near my hungry, horny lips. I was definitely the cock sucking party slut last night and I can not WAIT to do it again!

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