Sex on the Beach

Submissive Phone SexI had enough of this cold weather, so I took a trip to St Croix last weekend.  I have so many nice bikini’s to wear, so I figured the beaches of the Virgin Islands would be the perfect place.  I was right, the weather was perfect and the guys were totally hot.  The first day I was there I met Dexter, and he loves girls with big tits like mine.  Dexter took me to my room and brought my luggage in for me.

I wanted to tip him but I didn’t have any cash on me so I decided to see if a blow job would suffice.  I’m sure you can imagine – he had no problem with that, so I undid his pants and started sucking on his cock.  He had the biggest mushroom head, but I was still able to swallow him completely.  He grabbed my head and started relentlessly fucking my face, and when he blew his load down my throat he let out the sexiest moan I’d ever heard in my life.  When I stood up he grabbed me and kissed me so hard it surprised me, then he told me he’d see me again soon as he walked out the door.

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