The Lesson


I had been tutoring Joe for a couple of months, and he really did it for me for a while. The way he looked in his tight jeans with his huge wad made me so moist. We were in the library when I decided to make my move. I led him into a study room and made my move. I told Joe how much I wanted him, but he really surprised me when he said he wanted me right there.

I kissed him deep and said,  “Let’s go baby.”  I dropped to my knees and unzipped his jeans and had his massive cock in my sex hungry mouth in seconds. I sucked his head at first, and then slurped in circles around his shaft. Playing with his balls, I deep throated him, and took him to his base. “Mmmmmm baby you suck me so good.” Joe said in a deeply relaxed voice as he ran his through my hair. His perfect cock was ready for my wet pussy.

I hiked up my skirt and pulled down my black lace panties and opened my blouse as he pressed me against the wall and slid into me. I felt him enter me and he began to push slowly at first but found a nice rhythm after a few minutes. I grabbed his tight ass and held onto him for all I could. I had never had anyone as big as him, but Joe was good to me though with his pace and I came within minutes. He was having a great time as my cum rolled down his tall shaft. I soon wrapped my legs around him as we kissed with lust and passion. I tried to keep my moans down so no one would hear us, but it was no use. I let out a few loud cries that would make a porn star nod with approval.

Soon Joe said he was going to cum, and I felt that sensation in me to. We grinded together and soon the heat and lust hit my body hard and had such a deep intense orgasm. Joe then gave me ten more pumps and I could feel him explode inside me. He the held me close to him and could feel hearts beat together as we kissed.

We made a date for Saturday night, and Joe left. I got dressed quick and stepped out. If Joe liked that, wait until Saturday night.

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