Seniority Makes Me Gag

Even in the gang there is a level if seniority. The Queen that is my senior is my mistress and I belong to her. I love her now and pleasing her makes me hot and wet.
But not in the beginning.
No in the beginning I fought her every step of the way. I don’t like being controlled or belonging to any one and I gave her hell. Of course she tamed my wild spirit and she enjoyed it . She loved spanking me and with holding food and water and punishing me any way she had to. She tells me now how it turned her on to break my spirit.
Today I love being her submissive and it is the only time I am submissive I wear her collar and she walks me on the leash. But I will never forget the first time she tried this with me. I thought, “O this bitch wants to treat me like a dog? I will show her what a dog really is!” I growled and barked like a dog and then bite the shit out of her ass! she still has the scar. She was so mad she gagged me. It was a leather gag with a red ball. She kept me on the leash and gagged for a whole day.

Looking back I guess I deserved it. I can’t wait to be a mistress! I am going to be just like her!

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