International Woman’s Day

Today is International Woman’s Day. A day to celebrate woman like Mother’s Day but you don’t have to be a Mom.

So my boss decided he was going to take me to a Woman’s Erotic Art Festival. What I thought would be a boring afternoon turned out to be very interesting in deed. The exhibits were very racy and more then one of them got my pussy pulsating. Which is what my boss wanted I am sure. Wink, wink.

I found the most interesting wood carving done by a local woman and had to have it as soon as I saw it. But I was with the boss and a little embarrassed to buy it so I walked away. Still I was drawn to it and went back. I kept holding it and caressing it and the more I touched it the wetter I got and the more I wanted it.

I guess my boss could see the desire in my eyes and he asked how much it was. The price was steep and there was no way I could get it on my salary. We continued to walk around and my boss excused himself for a run to the rest room. When he came back he had my carving. When he handed it to me I creamed my panties right there.

He spent so much that I agreed to dinner, but I can’t wait to get home. I know this piece is a work of art but it is going to interactive at my house!

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