STFU brat!

All joking aside…. DAUGHTER FOR SALE!  My brat is getting on my last nerve today.  She just won’t stop crying, she is blowing my high and if I didn’t luv her I would sling her over the damn balcony and watch her go splat.

So instead I have visions of less permanent damage.  Perhaps your cock shoving in and out of her mouth humping her face could shut her up.    I swear days like this I wish I had made him use a damn condom.  What was I thinking having a baby while still in highschool?  Yah of course I can’t admit that to my mom, that is a whole “I told you so” moment waiting to happen.

Ohh well she is here now and I luv her.  I think I just need a little nasty assistance in getting her to STFU!  Today her blowjobs are half priced for all pervs willing to help me teach her the lesson of why she should be seen and not heard…

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