The Second Attempt

Accomplice Phone SexAccomplice Phone Sex with Natasha is pretty exciting for me!  The last time we were together we did some crazy and wild things with these young ones, and I was scared at first.  Things were fine, and Natasha & I went home and never talked about it again.  This morning she came over and asked me to go with her to hunt for some little victims for her father.  He send her out about once a week to get two or three for him because he was bored.  We went to the local burger place and found the three perfect little victims.  We waited for them to leave and we followed them, and when they turned the corner we ran up on them and pulled out a knife.  The little victims were scared and crying, and this seemed to make Natasha happy and horny.  We told them that they had to come with us, or we would cut them.  When we got to her Dad he was so happy that he rewarded us with the chance to help him cut them up.

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