Seducing you with no panties

Lately, I cant stop thinking about all of my incest experiences.  Especially my first ones.  I’d like to tell you all about them…we liked to keep things in the family, and I’m becoming more and more aware of just how much that turns my twisted little crank.  God, it makes me so wet to remember that Red-Hot night it first happened with Him.  I had wanted it to happen for a while.  I could tell he did too from the way he looked at me on the couch, or loved to hold and touch my legs.  Finally, I decided to take action.  I knew he was going out late and I put on this spicy little outfit and lay on the couch under a blanket, pretending to be asleep.  But secretly, I wanted only to seduce him at last.  When he came home, he sat near the end of the couch, as he usually does, to put my feet in his lap while I keet my eyes closed.  But this time, he found my legs wrapped in red stockings, and my pussy completely exposed, bare and ready and more beautiful than he could have imagined… That’s when things got really fucking Hot