Rockin’ with Carla…

Tranny Phone SexI just really enjoy going rock climbing, and better than that I love fucking on a ledge on the side of a cliff. Just think about it… You really have to trust the person your doing the climb with, and it gets me so excited and my adrenalin shoots way up there and then I get so fucking horny I can barely wait to find a ledge to stop and rest. By resting I mean to get licked, sucked and fucked. What makes it even better is when we end up with a crowd watching us because they always get so excited that they start cheering us on. It’s just so fucking hot that the rush is really hard to explain to someone who has never experienced it. But I love telling anyone and everyone all about my experiences if their interested in hearing about them. My cock is getting hard just blogging about it so you can enjoy the experience too.

I just recently went with a new friend and he got so hot when we got to the ledge and I said lets take a break he couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough and while I was just finishing undressing myself I took him by the hair and shoved my rock hard ten inch cock in his mouth before he new what hit him. I fucked his little face so good and he managed to swallow every drop of the huge load of cum I shot down his throat. By then we had a crowd so my friend turned around and I shoved my still hard cock to the brim in his ass. As I fucked him I jacked him off so he came at the same time I shot my hot wad in his ass, and the crowd was just going wild by this time! There is so much more to this story to tell but I have a dinner date so for the rest of the story read my future blogs, or shoot me an email, instant message or shit, just call and I’ll make your cock explode with cum too just telling you the rest of the fucking story!

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