Reach Out And Touch Someone

I can see you there in front of your computer. You are looking at my pictures, reading my bio and blogs. With each sentence you read, I am creating images in your head your cock grows incredibly hard. You want to reach down and touch it, the desire is overwhelming. You can’t resist can you? OOO it feels so good to gently rub that throbbing dick threw the material of your pants. You open a new blog and this one is even racier then the last and you begin rubbing harder and faster. You want to unzip your pants and grab some lotion so that you can really pump your fuck rod, pretending the wetness of the lotion is the juice flowing from my cunt and squeezing tight as you imagine the squeeze of my pussy. Finally you can’t resist, you click on your web cam and pick up the phone. Your hands are shaking with your need for relief. No one else will do but your mmm good Melinda. The phone is ringing and the anticipation builds as you silently pray that I won’t say no to your request. Finally you hear my sultry voice on the other end of the line and the sound makes your dick harder, when you didn’t think it was possible. You feel like the skin on your cock is going to split open it is stretched to capacity. And then you ask if I will watch you on cam while I fuck you with my words. It almost makes you cum on the spot when I say yes and you connect to my computer. I watch as you grab your hot hard cock and cover it in lotion grabbing it tight at the base. I fuck you with words and watch you build to a feverish pitch as you reach the height of your orgasm.You see baby, I love reaching out and touching you and I will do it again and again because you are under my spell. And there is nothing like cyber phone sex with me.

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