May’s Big Thick Peppermint Stick

Fuck a lollipop or a popsicle, I have something even better that you can suck on if you have a sweet tooth 😉 And the good thing about mine is that you can have it as much as you want and you will never run out! Trust me, when you get a taste of this, it will become your favorite flavor of the holidays! One of my hot, young married men came over last night just to get a nice suckle on this big, sweet curved candy stick.  He liked it when I pinned him down next to the Christmas tree, straddled his face, and fucked his mouth silly! He could barely breath when I was pulling him by the hair and ramming my entire cock down in his throat. Oh how it felt good to massage my swollen head against his tonsils. When I plopped it out only for a second to smack it against his wet lips, he begged me to put it back in and asked me to please not take it out until I squirt my dick juice deep down his throat. Tahehe… I guess he just can’t get enough of this long hard peppermint stick. Merry Christmas to me! 😉 

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