Random Anal With A Stranger Who Disapeared!

Anal Phone Sex

I was walking home from work one evening when I noticed a flyer stuck to a lamppost. It said, “Need a stress reliever? Call John at 555-1234.” Intrigued, I called the number and arranged to meet John at a local bar later that night. When I arrived at the bar, I was greeted by a tall, dark-haired man named John. He was charming and charismatic, and I  couldn’t help but be drawn to him. We talked for hours, sharing stories and laughs over drinks as I got kind of drunk. I was feeling pretty frisky after a few hours.

As the night went on I started to feel increasingly flustered. I couldn’t shake the feeling that John was watching me closely and studying my every move. Finally, he made his move and said “You know, Star I can tell you’re feeling stressed. Why don’t you let me help you relax?” Before I could even process what was happening John had pulled me into a nearby bathroom stall. He closed the door behind us and began to kiss me. My heart raced as he undid my skirt belt and slipped his hand inside my skirt and under my panties. 

I was drenched already and gasped as he found my clit and started to rub it slowly. Without warning, John pulled his hand away and pushed his cock against my ass. I was taken back at the sudden switch up; he got aggressive which made me wetter. He said “You’re so tight; let me show you how good it feels to be fucked up the shitter”. John slid his cock into my ass slowly for a second. I could feel every inch of John’s cock as he pumped into me and filling me up completely.

As we fucked I let out a series of moans that would have made anyone walking by curious. When John finally came in he pulled out and pushed me away. He left immediately and I found myself limp lying on the bathroom floor, still naked and drunk trying to gather myself. John was gone and nowhere to be found in the bar. I was so perplexed and turned on; I just let a total stranger with a street flyer jerk off inside my shit hole!


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