I can’t believe I got caught fucking that damned four legged mutt with out permission. Now I sit here with my pussy dripping wet, naked, waiting for them to deliberate and come up with a punishment for me.
Finally they call me in and I stand there waiting.
“You like being a freak behind our backs do you? You know better then to fuck Panhead without permission and not letting us enjoy watching your slutty ass, don’t you?”
I know better then to look up, I keep my head hung and my eyes on the ground and answer “Yes”
“We have decided what your punishment will be. You are to go to the sex chamber now and wait for us.”
I do as I am told and my pussy is out of control, thinking I am going to get gang banged rough and hard, even beat. I know they think that is punishment but I really love it!
I have been waiting 20 minutes and still no one has opened the door but I know they are on the other side of the one way mirror watching me and if I dare touch myself I will really be in trouble.
Finally the door opens and in they walk in with this old man that can barely walk.
What the fuck is this shit?
I see the smirk on their faces as they tell me that for my punishment I have to fuck this old fart. I have to lie on my back missionary style no moaning, no screaming, no kinky shit at all.
Vanilla sex REALLY? This is my punishment. Fuck they might as well take pliers and pull my fucking finger nails out. My pussy instantly is dry as the Arizona Desert. This really fucking bites!
As soon as I lay down and spread my legs this old guy sees my cunt he cums. Oh lord, it’s going to be a long night!

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