Hiding In The Closet

He wanted to hide in the closet and watch. Personally it makes my pussy extra fucking wet knowing he will be watching and jerking his little white dick. And he was willing to pay good money for this….BONUS!
He took me out shopping for just the right outfit. The whole time he was telling me exactly how he wanted things done.
We went to my house and he moved my bed so that he would have the perfect vantage point. He bought candles that smelled of vanilla, a scent he claimed turned him on.
He chattered like a little brat while puttering around my room arranging everything just so. Then he took me into the bathroom and insisted on bathing me and shaving my pussy. He took his time and washed every inch of me with a lavender scented soap. Then he fixed my hair and did my make up all to perfection.
He gave me my last minute instructions before the first of my three big black studs arrived and he tucked himself away in the closet.
I followed his instructions to the letter, slowly undressing the three studs and sitting them on the bed. Stripping for them slow and slutty while they ran their hands over their huge cocks. I could feel his eyes on us from the closet and I wanted him to be pleased.
I had been getting the shit fucked out of me by these three for nearly an hour when he made a loud noise and they knew something was up.
One of them went to the closet and flung it open and there he was dick in hand and wearing my undies.
They pulled him out by his hair and dragged him to the bed where they proceeded to fuck the shit out of his tight ass.
At first I was horrified but one look at his face and I knew this is what he wanted all along.

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