Mutual Masturbation

Your fuckrod wants to play with my hot muffin but first lets get the heat turned up watching each other masturbate. As you rub your cock with oil, I feel the heat rising up my back.  I put my fuck toy in between my large perky breast with the vibration on low. Your hand is sliding up and down your dick so smoothly and my mouth begins to water.  I move the vibrator to my nipples as your hands move to your balls.  My nipple are saluting your stiff cock as the lust between us gets stronger.  I open my legs and you noticed my hotbox is dripping, making you stroke your meat faster.  I turn the vibrator on high and glide it into my cunt, I lean back so you can see how I fuck myself.  The precum is oozing from your head as you jump up and shove your fuck stick down my throat.  Replacing the vibration with your thrusting cock makes my kitty blush. 

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