Prison Fuck!!!

Working at a Prison has it’s advantages that’s for sure. These men want to make extra phone calls, and to get more comensary,most of them want to get away with doing inside crimes. Well if they want to get all that then they need to give me what I want and that’s dick when I want it and how the hell I want it.

I got these men wrapped and they don’t even realize it. They do not give me that rock hard cock then I will turn all their asses in! If they are good boys and keep me filled with cum they get longer visits and I report good behaviors.

I have my favorite prisoners! Come on you know some of these damn men in prison are fucking hot and have some huge cocks and they sure do know how to give it!

Last night I caught two prisoners playing with each others cocks. Well, there is NO touching allowed in prison although some get away with it. So, I told them if they don’t fill every hole I have with their cum then I will report them.

They fucked me in every possible position they could. They think that I am done with them but I am not! I am going to hold this over their head for a very long time! I am going to get as many PRISON FUCKS as I can!

Next time you think of breaking the law! Think of me! I can be the sweetest prison guard as long as you give me what I want…Wink!

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