Pumped Up

My cunt was pulsating as it pumped pussy juice into my panties. This party was going to be the shit! Both the drugs and the fucks were supposed to be Grade-A supreme! The more I think about the possibilities the wetter my cunt gets! Then I approach the big yellow and green sign of the corner BP. I need to stop and get gas but when I pull in and see the prices I know I am fucked! I don’t have enough to get to the fucking party what the hell? I have to get to this fucking party and satisfy my need to get high as well as the need to fill my pumped up pussy. All of a sudden this hunky guy with a fucked up sense of humor pulls up at the pump next to me. When I asked him for some help he looks at me with the biggest smile and says he will help me out with the gas but he wants something out of it. Thinking he is the typical dude wanting head or a hand job or even a piece of this hot fucking ass, I agree a little to fast. I should have clarified first. Intrigued yet? Well let me fill you in….he fills my tank and then asks me if I am ready to give him what he wants. “Sure” I say “want to do it in your car or mine?” All he can do is laugh as he tells me that he doesn’t want me to fuck him or give him a blow job. “I have been fucked by these damned green and yellow pumps for months now. I want to see the pump get fucked and your going to do it for me.” I wasn’t sure I understood what he meant exactly. He opened my back door and told me to lay on the back seat with my ass on the edge and my legs out of the door. He then had me spread eagle and move my panties to the side. He handed me the gas nozzle and told me to fuck it. I looked at him like he was crazy but then the idea became fucking hot! So I took that damned nozzle and fucked the shit out of it. My cunt juice was dripping off that fucking nozzle by the time I was done. He stood there watching with a satisfied smile while he stroked his cock threw his pants. When I saw the wet spot as he jerked and grunted cumming all in his pants I came so fucking hard it was sick! He helped me back in my car and we were on our way. It was a fucking awesome experience. I got my gas, he got his revenge on the pump, the pump got fucked and we both came from our grudge fuck! Fuck the yellow and green of the BP and the high fucking gas prices, I will be fucking your pump again in the future!

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