A Hard day Teasing

I like to go to the beach with my best friend Kate. She is just as naughty as I am! We just LOVE to figure out new ways to drive men CRAZY. There is the classic just making out in front of them..lol Or pretending we get into a fight and then.. making out. We love to ask strangers to rub lotion on us. Or.. Our brand new favorite! We sit in the sand and get a nice sand bottom. Then … lol we find our pray and ask him to wipe the sand off of us. If we are feeling extra naughty. We keep saying…oooh there’s more a little lower. A little lower.. lol until he is rubbing our pussy! Sometimes we let the lucky guy go all the way and fuck us. Sometimes we say as sweet as pie.. Thank you so much, and walk away. We are naughty little teases. But at the end of the day someone always gets lucky. We need that big dick to fill us up after we spend a hard day teasing!

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