Preparing for Christmas!

Tranny Phone SexLately I have been hanging out with this guy Jake. I really like Jake a lot, we have one huge thing in common, we both love my huge ten inch cock! He shows his appreciation for it every chance he gets by licking my cock, my balls and sucking the cum right out of me. He enjoys it when I shove my huge cock up his ass to the brim while I jack him off, he says it gets him so hot and hard he can’t stand it. Jake even let me dress him anyway way I want to. It’s so fun to dress Jake up.

So last night Jake came over and we played Christmas dress up, I had on my little red and white bikini set and I wanted him to look festive too so I put some of my red and white stockings on him, then I got out a pair of my red bikini panties and put those on him, he looked so adorable that my cock got rock hard which put a huge smile on Jake’s face. He said I guess these cute little red panties won’t stay on either of us for too much longer. Jake was right!

We went upstairs to my bedroom and the panties and my bra came off as fast as they could, I sat on the edge of the bed and this lets Jake know I am ready for him to suck my rock hard throbbing cock until I burst with cum down his throat. After that I sucked on Jake’s cock but wouldn’t let him cum until I had my cock buried to the brim up Jake’s tight little ass. I fucked his ass hard and fast and when I felt I was going to cum I started jacking off Jake so we would both shot our loads of cum at the same time.

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