My Swinging Night in the Woods

Submissive phone sex

My husband came home last night and said get a sitter we are going to a cabin in the woods that one of his co-worker owns and we are going to have the best time ever! So I called and get a sitter and was excited about just me and my husband having some alone time together. I packed us a bag and we hopped into the car and headed for this outta of the way cabin. My husband told me it was way out in the woods and that the area was gorgeous and we were going to have the best time. He handed me a baggie of pills and said that I should take a couple before we got there so I would be feeling really good. So I took two as he said and in about fifteen minutes I felt like having a  huge party and inviting all our friends, it made me feel a little drunk, and quite horny and I was slurring my words.

Finally, we reached the cabin and before I got outta the car her told me to take two more pills so I did. By this time of the night and way out in the woods is was quite dark and I could barely see anything, and couldn’t make out a cabin. My husband took me by the hand and I stumbled so he picked me up and carried me into the cabin, once inside he turned on a light and I could see there were a room full of men. I am not sure but I think I may have recognized a few of them but not all of them. My husband then reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out two more pills that looked very different from the ones he gave me earlier and said take these and I did. He then led me to a bedroom with a huge bed and he sat in the chair in the corner and told me to take my clothes off.

Once he had me naked and on top of this huge bed he called in these men, I was so out of it by then I didn’t really care what was happening to me all I knew is I felt so good. My husband watch for a long time as these men shoved there cocks on my mouth, my ass, and my pussy. The bed was drenched with cum and so was I. At some point my husband picked me up and took me outside and a down a very dark path. Once there he put me in the swing kink of thing and again as my husband watched as these men fucked me in every position they could possibly get me in including flipping forwards, backwards and upside down.  Finally I woke up, looked around, it was beginning to become daylight and it was foggy as hell, I was so cold and hurting all over, I felt totally drunk still. My husband was there smiling and told me I did good, he carried me into the house and laid me on the bed and fucked my swollen pussy and told me to get some sleep because there were more party plans for everyone once I was rested.


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