Good Friends Are Always Accomplice’s

Submissive Phone SexThe last time Natasha and I were together I was scared and just doing as I was told, but this time I went and asked her to help me.  I went over to her house and asked if she could come with me for a few minutes.  Natasha was very happy to help because she knew I was coming around to her way of thinking when it came to chills and thrills I took Natasha to the old abandoned shack on the outskirts of town again, and she immediately started reminiscing about the last time we were there, but quickly noticed we weren’t alone.  I told Natasha what I had done, and she listened with the biggest grin on her face.  I explained that my neighbor has been trying to fuck me since I moved in last summer.  He invites me over for food and beverages all the time.  Natasha seemed entirely too interested in this story, but I kept going. 

Yesterday my neighbor brought some sandwiches and tea over to my house and asked if I’d like to eat with him because he was lonely since his wife died.  I reluctantly agreed, so we sat down in my kitchen to enjoy the food and drink he prepared.  I wasn’t sure what made me think to look but I opened up the sandwich, and there was a powder on it so I didn’t touch it.  The tea I had already taken a sip of did taste funny.  When I looked at my neighbor he must have thought the drugs he tried to slip me worked already.  He started telling me how and where he was going to fuck me, and how he couldn’t wait to taste my pretty little pussy.

I told Natasha that I wasn’t even sure how I did it, but I managed to get up and away from him.  I hit him over the head, tied him up and threw him into the trunk of my car and brought him to the shack so he couldn’t scream and bring attention to us.  Natasha knew what I wanted to do to him, but I am unable to do it alone.  She did notice I had cut him and beaten him slightly, but she wasn’t satisfied.  Natasha grabbed her knife and we started telling him in great detail what happens to old fucks who try and drug young girls.

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