Paying the rent

I was really behind on my rent, like four months behind, and I’ve been avoiding my landlord but today he finally found me. He told me he was going to start the process to evict me, he said he wanted all his money right then or I was out. I begged him to reconsider, I told him that I was doing everything I could to get his money, I just couldn’t make enough. And when that didn’t work, I told him I would do anything, anything at all if he would just let me stay there. He looked me up and down and then told me that he thought we could maybe work something out. He said if I gave him some pussy whenever he wanted it that he would let me stay for free so you know I took him up on it! I fucked the shit out of him and in return he tore up the eviction papers, now I have to give it up whenever he wants but who cares? I got a free place to live now!

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