Teasing is what I do best

I love to tease and torment the men in my life. really there is nothing better. I wear sexy clothes and my hair and makeup are always perfect, shit even the way I walk and talk is guaranteed to make you think about sex! I can get that cock hard without even trying, I don’t even have to touch you to get you excited and it won’t be long before you’ll be begging me for more.

So what is it that you are craving baby? Do you need to be humiliated or punished? Dressed up like a sissy and whored out for my amusement? Or are you one of the rare men that could actually satisfy me? It isn’t often that I can find a man with a big enough cock AND an attitude to match and believe me, you definitely need the attitude to keep up with me! Wimpy little subby guys could never get this pussy, I find them all laughable.

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