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Foot Fetish Phone Sex

One of my callers has a huge foot fetish. I make sure to go get pedicures every week so my feet are in tip top shape. I always make sure to have cute nail polish on so I can take nice pictures for him. Sometimes I’ll put on a sexy pair of stockings and take photos. I love how silky and soft they feel on my legs, and it turns me on to know that my feet are getting someone off. He enjoys it too because he pays me very well for my pictures. I think foot jobs are a lot of fun, too. It’s so sexy to feel a hard cock between your feet. Maybe I’ll get lucky one day and find someone to worship my feet in real life!

foot fetish phone sex

Naughty Maid Phone Sex

It’s so fun to do naughty maid phone sex. One of my favorite callers likes to talk about dressing me up in a little French Maid outfit and bossing me around. I tell him all about how my huge tits spill out of the top of the dress, flashing my sweet nipples. He bosses me around and tells me to bend over and clean things for him, flashing my bare pussy for him to see. He loves to hear about me crawling around on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors for him. Just thinking about being a good sexy maid for my boss makes me so wet. I rub my swollen clit while telling him about how I’m going to spit polish his cock. I can hear him jacking off and it drives me so wild. He came so hard when I described him fucking my tight maid ass until he came inside me! I can’t wait to do naughty maid phone sex again.


naughty maid phone sex

Desperate for Drugs

fantasy phone sexI really wanted to get fucked up and party the other night, but I was out of drugs and also money. I called up my dealer to see if we could make a special arrangement: my pussy for the good stuff. He agreed as long as we could fuck raw. I was masturbating to get ready for him when I heard the doorbell. I answered it and three men walked in! Apparently my dealer told his friends. I’m a total cock slut, so there was no way I was going to complain! My dealer gave me a taste of his stash and it hit me like a train. I was so high so fast I barely noticed them rip my clothes off me. I was kneeling in the middle of the room, tits out, and the three men whipped out their dicks. Suddenly one was in my mouth! I started sucking automatically, then started giving handjobs to the other two. I was rolling hard and super horny. I let them fuck my mouth, pussy, and ass and it felt amazing since I was high. Once they were done fucking me, they stood around me and came all over my waiting face. I got my drugs and I got fucked; what a good day!

Banging BBQ


exhibitionist phone sexA friend of mine invited me over for a BBQ last weekend, because I tend to give gatherings a happy ending! It was a hot day, made even hotter by all the new people for me to meet…and fuck. It started out innocently enough, with all of us eating tasty food and drinking beers from the cooler. As it got later though, I was feeling a bit tipsy and very adventurous. I walked to the middle of the patio and whipped off my tanktop, freeing my enormous tits. Everyone stopped to stare, but then one by one the other guests started losing their shirts! A couple men approached me and started to fondle my luscious breasts and ass. I pulled them down to the ground with me and guided one mans cock inside me, and had the other start fucking my mouth. The patio planks were kind of rough and scratchy, but that just made me even hotter. While I was getting my holes filled, I could see other guests starting to fuck each other too! People were bent over tables, riding on patio chairs, and propped against the railings! Once I finished taking my dual dose of cum, I joined in on other people’s fun! Pretty soon, the entire party was  one writhing, licking, sucking, fucking, moaning pile under the stars. I made sure to eat my fill of cocks and pussies until I passed out. You gotta love a good BBQ.

Titty Fucking for Treats

bbw phone sexMaintaining this sexy BBW figure is work! I’m a hungry bitch and sometimes my appetite is bigger than my wallet. I was at the ice cream shop and wanted to get a big, milky sundae but I was broke! I saw the clerk eyeing up my enormous soft tits and got an idea. When it was my turn in line I shoved my boobs together and gave him a big wink. We met out behind the shop and I offered him some fun in exchange for my creamy treat. His hard cock was all the answer I needed. I knelt in front of him and sucked that dick until he was shaking! I pulled him down on the ground with me and shoved my tits together and guided that pecker between them. He knew what to do and started pumping like a machine while I licked the tip of his dick with each thrust. He couldn’t handle tit fucking this bbw whore for very long and ended up cumming right into my hungry mouth and all over my luscious boobs. I ended up getting two creamy treats that day!

Lingerie shopping got so dirty

bbw phone sexThe other afternoon I was out shopping for some lingerie and being the big beautiful woman, I am, I have to visit a specialty shop catering to a more bodacious chest. I was trying some bras, camisoles and teddies on and always step out of the dressing room to get a view in the fuller multi mirrors. There was another woman’s attractive husband sitting in the fitting room lounge and a BBW like myself just can’t let such a situation go by without a little flirtation. I asked what he thought of my tits in the red silky push-up bra and really got a rise out of him. He was extremely helpful in assisting me. I made a bold move and asked if he could help me out of the bra and to hold my breasts while I poured them into this adorable little teddy. We didn’t manage to really get that teddy on as we both had other plans. Feeling his cock growing against my backside as he helped me out of the bra I knew what I had to do. Kneeling in front of him I pulled the raging hard pre-cum glistening dick from his trousers and got my big breasts and lips wrapped around that cock and drained those balls really good.

Phone Sex with a Sexy BBW

phone sexI know My horny neighbor loves fat women masturbating. He always has his curtains open and I can see his Fat slut solo sluts on his super huge flat screen. Now I love how he has his cock in his hand and a glass of scotch every day after work watching these BBW pornos. I can’t help but notice he has a fairly thick shaft. I know he can feel me watch him stroke that meaty fuckstick. Well today I wanted him to notice me. I put on my thigh highs and a pretty red garter belt and matching heels. Nothing else was on my Chubby body. My huge tits were out on display. I opened my patio curtains and laid back in my chair. My fat pussy was soaked at the thought of him stroking his meaty shaft to me fingering myself.  Oh, how upset I was that he never looked my direction! So I called him on my cell and told him to look into my patio for some live pussy play. My Neighbor got up walked to the window and stroked his cock to this fat girl fucking her sloppy wet pussy. I came so hard as he shot his load all over his window. I wonder if you would be more bold and just come fuck me instead of watching?


Bouncing boobies bear chase

I went camping this weekend and I should have listened when she told me not to leave food out overnight. I had woken up in the middle of the night needing to piss and I stepped out of the tent. I heard some rustling and I swear I pissed myself because there was a bear rummaging through our cooler where I had left the chips and a few things out. He saw me and decided to give chase.

Adult phone chat

As I rand down the slope of where we were camping my titties kept hitting me in the face, I ripped my shirt and clothes off thinking maybe he was following me because of the smell of food. I I threw the clothes back toward him as I ran. So my titties, and curves were flopping as I ran naked. I slept in a tree until he left , that I had climbed with the bark scratching my ass and the twigs trying to penetrate my naked holes.

Big Booby Bounce

Adult phone chat

My boobs have always been one of my greatest assets. And for as long as I can remember I have been able to get pretty much anything I needed or wanted just by flashing them, bouncing them or just showing a good amount of cleavage. I also enjoy having them played with and sucked on. I o not necessarily even need a cock to fuck my pussy hole, if a man is good enough with his mouth, he can just grab on to my big old titties, motor boat them and suck on my nipples. If he really knows how to use his tongue he can get me super wet and sometimes get me hot enough from that to come as well. He has to be good with his hands and mouth though, otherwise his cock is mine and I am gonna use that fuck stick to help with the deed of making me scream and come. Ultimately my main goal, make me wet.

Hot Phonesex with Brandy

There is a reason I have such a voluptuous figure. The reason… I love to eat. I love my Cola too. I love the bottle. I will purposely make sure I have several Cola’s at my home because the bottles make one amazing dildo. The glass ones are the best to use. I started when I was just a girl. A friend of mine dared me to fuck myself and masturbate with a cold glass bottle of Cola. I put the bottle down in between my legs, spread my pussy lips open and pushed the neck of the bottle up into my cunt.

Hot phonesex

The feeling was cold, wet and it just felt really good. As I started to move the bottle in and out of my cunt I noticed that I felt really wet all of the sudden. I felt this shutter of sensation run down my legs and up through my body like heat and fire. I had just come from this bottle being in my pussy. I was hooked after that point. I love to masturbate with those cold, sweaty bottles straight out of the fridge to this day.

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