Suck It Up

I am finger licking good, I promise. You will never taste a sweeter batch of juice then what flows from my hot, wet, pink, pussy. I love the way I taste! I love fucking my self with my fingers and getting them full of my hot milky cum and then sucking them clean. I love to take my dildos and vibrators and stuff them deep inside me until my knees are shaking and my heart is racing while my pussy is pulsating and squirting cum everywhere. I suck it off my toys and even lick it off the sheets under me where it puddles and pools into a gooey treat! It is almost as much fun as taking you into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around that mushroom head of yours. I know how sensitive it is when I flick my tongue on the bottom of it teasing you and making you want more. I know how to bring you to the edge, just close enough to cum before stopping to kiss you and tease you more. I love repeating this over and over again so that when you finally do explode in my mouth, you give me the mother load, squirting and jerking and letting me drain your balls dry. But even better is when we 69, sucking and licking and teasing each other at the same time, filling each others mouth with thirst quenching jizz. There is nothing better then the taste of cum, wouldn’t you agree?

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