Party Time With CJ and Macey

CJ called me over to her house. I get there and no one was there she tells me that she has a big surprise for me. She takes me to the living room where there is a glass table with lines of cocaine and marijuana and a big ass bong and a fridge packed with alcohol. She said that we haven’t had time to chill lately we sat down and started to partying. After we were both completely wasted we stopped and took turns doing lines off of each others tits. I had CJ lay down so I could go down and do a line one her wet hot pussy. I worked my way down to lick CJ’s hot dripping wet pussy we spent the whole night getting wasted and doing lines off each others bodies. We did lines off each other, as well as make each other cum. CJ sure knows how to please a woman and a man. Come play with us we will show you what party girls are all about.

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