You Win Some, You Loose Some

Preseason is off to a great start and as usual I am extra fucking horny during football season. I really don’t understand why it effects me this way but it is an aphrodisiac for me. Don’t you wish your girl would watch the game with you and end up with a hot fucking pussy waiting to be fucked!
Week one’s games were pretty much what I expected, half of the games were one team spanking that ass and the other half were nail biting close and a true vision of grit and glory. It’s so fucking manly and such a turn on!
I love to bet on the games, I won a little money but I love when I bet kinky favors.
Of all the games I had to bet on I picked one of the closest and best preseason games yet.. The Skins and the Titans. If you didn’t watch the game, you should have.
We bet a night of complete and total subservience in the bedroom on that game. I took the Titans, he took the Redskins. I lost by one point.
It’s all good though because I had fun being subservient all night!
It’s going to be a great season! Watch the Sea Hawks, they will surprise you this year!

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