Making new friends

I love making new friends. It opens up such wonderful opportunities. Of course I don’t tell them how special I am. I just let them be amazed at my sexy body. At my lush lips. My curvy beautiful tits. I let them drool over my sicked smile. And even manage to flash as much skin as I can. I always notice when I get a cock so nice and hard. Its easy to see the boys who are so turned on. And then I toy with them. Brush against them. Find every excuse to touch them. Suck on them. Its not hard getting a guy to let me suck his dick! Make him beg to see me again. Sometimes I draw it out… make him wait days before I ever show him I have a BIG beautiful cock! Before I ever treat him to the best fuck of his life! By the time I tell him, he will drool over this big throbbing black cock of mine. Even if its the first cock he has ever had. He will gobble it down. I just love making new friends.

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