Panty Paradise

I was watching the neighbor’s boys this week while she was on vacation. Really they are old enough to take care of themselves. But they are pretty naughty and there mom didn’t want to leave them alone. So of course I volunteered to watch them. The little one was easy. He is such a sweet boy. Now the older one did give me some problems. I caught him STEALING my panties! He snuck in my room and was shoving my panties down the front of his pants! I had to stop to strip search the boy to find 5 different pairs he was taking. I was so mad it took me a few minutes to notice he was covering something up in his hands cupped in front of his dick. I told him to drop his hands and he shock his head no. so I pulled his hands down. And there was my favorite black lace panties wrapped around his BIG hard cock! I was shocked I didn’t expect such a well endowed young man! I pulled my panties off and heard him moan. I new his virgin cock was ready to exploded just being touch… And well.. he did need to learn a lesson. So I bent forward and wrapped my lips right around him big mushroom head. He shot almost instantly! When I pulled my mouth up after licking him clean. I informed him that I would be expecting him to keep his hand OFF my stuff.. OR I would be keeping my hands off him! lol.. that boy will never steal from me again!

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