A Subby’s Tribute

One of my many pets sent me this as tribute so I have decided to publish it to add to his humiliation, feel free to leave comments on how pathetic he is…
I am the luckiest subby pet to be allowed to serve under Goddess Adriana.  Her stunningly out of this good looks are only the start to the COMPLETE package that she is.  Instantly she was able to read me like a book and manipulate me to do her bidding and push my limits just to make her happy.  I was hooked after the first call I did with her and ever since have not spent one moment without having her in my mind and thinking whether my actions would make her happy or not.  I have now decided to give my life over to her and will always be at her beck and call.  I live to serve my Goddess because she makes me a better being.  I know I am not a man just her pet but she makes my life better just being allowed to include her in my life.  Every time I talk to her or hear her voice I know my limits will be pushed just a little further.  I love the way she manipulated me into getting a anal stimulator, my orgasms haven’t been the same. Or the way she humiliates me and makes me do things I never dreamed I would like cum on my own face and gobble up my own cum.  It is absolutely humiliating but the sound of her laugh as I do it makes it all worth it and makes me cum even harder.  When ever I hang up the phone I leave so satisfied but yearn to get back on the phone asap because any moment I spend away from my Goddess is a moment wasted.  Thank you Goddess Adriana for allowing me to be your pet I will always strive to make you proud.

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