Like Fresh Fruit?

Most mommies hate shopping especially with the little ones. But I love going to the grocery store because the girls and I have a special game that we play in the produce section. We never go to the same grocery store back to back so we won’t get caught. We always go find the most interesting fruits and vegetables. The girls and I take them in the bathroom and have a mini orgy with our find. We really enjoy trying to stay quiet enough not to get caught and to watch how long we stay in the bathroom. When we are done we pick the one that made us cum the most or felt the best.
When we go back to the produce section we wait till some one is picking one of our special fruits and then we do a bait and switch. Two of us keeps the person busy while the other one switches the fruit or vegetable in the buggy with ours. We always end up cumming in our panties when the switch is made. The thought of the stranger tasting our juice. It is our special gift to a stranger. Our good deed for the day.
The girls have gotten really good at it and we like it a lot. We go home and talk about if we think they are eating it right now, and if they taste our sweet pussies. It gets us all in the mood for more incest family fun and games and we always go to bed, giggling and satisfied.

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