Pamper Yourself with LaShay

Submissive Lashay Worships YouIt’s about time you did something for yourself isn’t it Big Daddy?  I know a hard working man like you needs to take a “load” off every once in a while and be pampered as he deserves.   You deserve it too Big Daddy.  I’m going to take real good care of you.  I’m going to use my body to worship yours.  These big luscious tits are going to caress every inch of you and then wrap right around your hard dick and pump.  I want to wrap your throbbing hard cock in my mouth and show you just how deep I can take it.  Just to clarify, that’s balls deep Big Daddy.  I’m a good cock sucker and I know how to take it deep!  I want you to fuck my mouth like a pussy and just let yourself enjoy the smooth ride of an eager cocksucker.  My mouth, my pussy and my big round booty all belong to you. I want to make YOU feel good.  I’m going to let you use me in ways that most girls won’t.  But most girls aren’t like me Big Daddy.  I’m eager to please.  I know how to treat a man right.  And it all starts with his cock!!

Submissive Lashay Worships You

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