My Fantasy

I have to confess. The thought of you, sitting there, looking at my big and beautiful body, makes my hand gravitate to the spot between my legs, just below my rainbow, where the throb has made my clit begin to swell with anticipation. As my fantasy begins, my hand moves in time with my thoughts. I imagine you sitting there holding your cock stroking it as you look at my pictures. I post them with you in mind and try to find the ones I know will turn you on the most. And so my fantasy begins as my hand moves in time with my imagination. I see you in my minds eye, as you jerk that cock. Gently and slow at first to tease it increasing your urge to squeeze tighter and go faster. I think about what you would look like. I don’t know you but I imagine the shine of your dick in the light as it glistens with pre-cum. You know that was intended to lubricate my pussy, but right now it is blending with the baby oil you just let pour down your shaft that is dripping down your balls as we speak. The more you look at my picture. The more you think about how my warm body would feel. My lips. My wet pussy. My big warm tits. You are squeezing tighter now and your rhythm is increasing. You can feel your balls constricting and your body getting ready for the flow of your cum. I know your going to cum and I hope it is all over my picture. I imagine opening an e-mail and there is a picture of your cock, still hard and throbbing as the cum drips off it and on to my picture. With that thought I feel my pussy begin to release a load of cum, soaking my panties and sending shivers up my body. But the picture doesn’t cum and so I resort to fantasy once again.

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