A Day Of Luxury

I have spent the whole day in his huge mansion. I have sipped on champagne and snacked on caviar all day. The cook made me a glorious breakfast of eggs prime rib with mimosa. Before the limo picked me up for a spa day that included a mani-pedi and a facial. For lunch I was treated to the most tender salmon with asparagus and wine. And the massage therapist just left after a two hour session. I am being pampered like crazy, he wants me happy and relaxed when he gets home. He says he has a special night planned. The massage made me so horny that I sent the cook to the market to get some fresh oyster, crab and lobster for dinner so that I could sit here on his grand piano and take care of my pussy. All I can do is think about how I am going to satisfy his every fantasy, dream and desire tonight before after and during dinner. When he gets home my pussy will already be wet and waiting for him. I plan on spoiling him rotten in the bedroom for such a luxurious day of pampering. It is going to be a long night!

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