Our Special Play Time

I love when me and daddy spend the whole day together having daddy’s special play time! We start out with playing dress up. I can tell that he really likes all the outfits that I try on, but he always has me try on a few different ones..sometimes little lace thongs or some teenie shorts…he especially likes when I put on some little princess panties and a little school girl skirt *giggles*. The way my pink little pussy makes those princess panties soaking wet makes daddy’s fat dick so hard! Whenever we play, daddy loves to make me watch him pull out this thick hard cock and hold it in his big hand. He tells me how much my tight little teen body makes his cock so hard that he just can’t resist my cute round ass. When daddy tells me how sexy I am, it makes me feel so special and pretty that I like to show him how pretty I feel. I like to bend over and pull my panties down to my ankles and show him how wet my pink snatch is. The way he looks at me while he strokes his cock makes my pussy drip so much that he just watches those juices slide down my thighs until daddy’s thick cream shoots all over my pretty little pussy lips. Daddy loves to watch me please myself…and make my wet little hole squirt out warm cum all over the place…nothing makes that cock cum harder!

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