Our little secret…

I can play the sweet mom.  Well at least until I get super excited and horny for my little girl’s incest cunny and then I find it difficult to play the perfect mommy role.  She brings out the wicked in me for some reason.  Her sweet little face and cute little smiles just make me want to see you shove your big fat cock in her little holes.  I try to tell myself she is too tiny, too young, too innocent.  My pussy always seems to speak louder than my conscience though.  As soon as I get horny and high I really could give a fuck about her well being if I am honest.

Sounds horrible, but its a reality.  Give me a line of coke and a horny pervert wanting my little girl and its a party in his pants.  Let that monster cock out and rub it all over her coo’n little baby lips.  It will be our little secret…



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